League of Robotics is the ideal international African competition for all those who are enthusiastic about robotics, electronic and mechanical engineering, and would like to further develop their skills by putting them to the test by competing with teams from all around the African continent.

The robots created during the competition will be judged based on the rules and technical specifications that are all mentioned in the guidebook of each corresponding competition.

Please make sure to download and properly read through the entire guidebook so that the robot can be built correctly according to all the specifications.

League Of :


The "League Of Robotics 2022" is based on automation and strategy. It is divided into 2 play areas. The first game area is a miniature of a living base, it represents the path of an autonomous robot that must accomplish different daily or weekly tasks, all within 4 minutes.

As for the second game area, it is a multiplayer map in which the remote-controlled robots must choose the path that is most suitable for them in order to reach the finish line first within a maximum of 5 minutes.

Each team must create two robots: one remote-controlled and one autonomous. Both robots must comply to the technical specifications

League Of :

Robotics junior

The "League Of Robotics 2022 Junior" is the chance for children to create their own robots and has two main games, one for authat needs an autonomous robot and another that needs a remote-controlled robot.

The game table adapted for the autonomous robot represents a course spelling the letters LOR while the second game table is a soccer field that requires the use of a remote-controlled robot.